What is The Salt Mine?



We are a Public Charity. Fully qualified with the IRS and the State of California for maximum tax deductions (501 ( c) (3)) . We are a community service organization, offering emergency assistance to the needy of Lincoln and surrounding communities.


Dedicated to ending hunger in the Lincoln and Sheridan Communities, The Salt Mine is planning to organize our first annual Fundraising Dinner. The objective of the event is to increase awareness about what The Salt Mine has done, does currently, and looks to do in the future. Our organization’s goal is to raise $100,000 at this event.


The success of our event will largely be due to the contributions of our sponsors, your company being one of them. There is no doubt your company does great work in our community. As the Primary Non-Profit serving Lincoln and Sheridan, we hope that you will join hands with us by sponsoring this fundraising dinner.

What does The Salt Mine do?



We aggressively operate a food closet which provides food boxes to needy families. At present we serve over two thousand families each month. Each week we bring in an average of ten tons of food to our facility, sort, box and distribute the food to qualified families. Each food box provides a family with three meals a day for seven days. In addition, we help with other emergency needs; clothing, household items including furniture, and gasoline for doctor appointments and work interviews.


We keep regular hours for community service; from 10:00 A M to Noon, Tuesday through Friday and we offer “Free Food” (food that is not counted against monthly allowances) to anyone on Thursdays and Saturdays. Anyone who cannot come during our regular hours can call for a later appointment. One simply needs to come to The Salt Mine and show picture I.D. identifying them as a local resident or transient, we complete a short qualifying application which we then keep on file, and with that complete we then try to meet their emergency need.

How is The Salt Mine funded?

Our finances come from two main sources; our thrift shop and outside donations. The community is very supportive and donate many good items that are sold through our thrift shop and provide for many of our services. In addition, over the years we have generated a base of contributors that donate on a regular basis.

What is The Salt Mine’s association with other charities in neighboring communities?



The Salt Mine is sponsored by Vine Life Ministries, Inc. and is independent of any other organization or charity. We are part of the Feeding America Network, and join them in a nation-wide effort to wipe our hunger in America. We work closely with other service organizations in Auburn, Roseville and Marysville to offer better service to families in need and to protect against duplication of services. Other agencies refer to us and in turn, we refer to other agencies when they are better able to meet the needs. We have a good working relationship with service agencies in neighboring communities as well as county and state programs. We may not be able to meet all the needs of our growing community but usually know who can and we don’t hesitate to make referrals.

Our Cause

There is nothing more basic than feeding a person in need. Ending hungry in our community is our noble cause and invite you to join us. We want to provide our donors and sponsors with a chance to leave a lasting impact and local legacy. Your contributions to The Salt Mine will impact thousands of people in our community for years to come. Your donations will put food in the mouths of the hungry and bring peace and stability to so many hurting families around us. You can be assured that all of your donations will stay in our local community and be used to support The Salt Mine’s Mission to end hunger in our area.

Why $100,000

The Salt Mine has a goal of raising $100,000 in funding from this event, which begs the question, why $100,000?

What will the Salt Mine do with funds we are able to raise this fall?


The answer is as simple as it is complex, The Salt Mine's annual budget is about $700,000. That is what it takes to feed 4.5 millionmeals to the hungry in our community every year, as well as provide clothing, furniture and hygiene essentials to those in need. The cost of doing business grows every year, and in our current economic climate, it is getting harder and harder to operate. As an example, many things at the Salt Mine need to be modernized and updated, and we just have not been able to do so. Our employees have not seen a raise in nearly 10 years because we have just not been able to afford such things. The money raised at this gala will go a long way in "filling the gaps" that have been left due to hard economic times.


We wish to pursue new opportunities to serve the community, such as expanding our youth after school programs, creating a robust homeless care program, and expanding our food programs with more refrigeration and freezer space. We are in need of additional employees and employee training. All of these things come at a cost, and as a charity, we must ask for your help so we can better serve the growing needs of our community.